An excellent organisation conducts its processes in an organised and independent way, it addresses its problems following strategic plans of swift implementation and generates, ultimately, inflows of information and efficient decisions that allow to advance in short, middle and long-term objectives.


Improva will accompany your organization in a process change that follows the subsequent structure:

  • BASE JUMPING PHASE AND HOMOGENIZING AREAS: a great short-term results leap as a result of addressing actions in the internal organisation, in the management systems, in the operational processes and in the training of managers. It prepares the organisation for change, setting the minimum basis of management to move forward as a block.
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE PHASE: application of the University of St.Gallen’s OPEX model on the levers that generate excellence. Assessment of results and implementation of actions that overcome the deficiencies found in the processes, capacities and management of the organisation. Continuous Benchmark between all the organisation’s sites in regards to international benchmarks. Alignment of the objectives of different members and that of the organisation.
  • PHASE OF ADAPTIVE EXCELLENCE: implementation of a horizontal system of the organisational structure that will give great agility to the processes. Implementation of collaboration platforms that will maximise information processing and task management. Development and execution of innovation systems that allow the organisation to anticipate changes in the environment and develop new products and business systems


Once the phases have been achieved, the organisation will have become a living organism that operates in an efficient and cohesive way, endowed with a great capacity of environmental adaptation.


If excellence projects don´t always succeed, why will this one work?


  • Because our system will be personalised to suit you, based on all the data obtained from a thorough analysis of your organization.
  • Because our transformation model has a totally corporate approach and is oriented with a great future vision, but with very short-term results.
  • Because we work simultaneously all the organisation’s technical and human aspects.
  • Because at all times we offer executive support to make the change process as swift as possible.
  • Because we strengthen each stage to ensure that it has the solidity required to keep moving forward.
  • Because we have an extraordinary team of expert consultants, continuously supported by the IKN.


If you want more in-depth information on our call for action.

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