Provide your organisation with a knowledge and action management system that will allow you to maximise your agility and efficiency.


Digital Transformation in companies is providing an enormous amount of proposals and initiatives to the organisation, but decision-making and action management is an issue that still must be addressed.

By using the Synapcor tool, designed and built to meet the needs of our customers according to our TEAM (Transversal Efficiency Action Management) methodology, you now have the opportunity to transform your organisation and bring it closer to excellence.


What can I achieve?


At Improva we can assure guaranteed results, based on real case studies of industrial organisations that have achieved the following:

  • Substantial improvement in the efficiency of staff support and intermediate management.
  • Drastic reduction of reaction time in the event of any eventuality.
  • Alignment of objectives and improvement in the agility of the organisation.
  • Management that generates efficiently true added value.
  • More transversal and collaborative processes between departments.
  • Improved customer experience as a result of an excellently connected organisation.
  • Development of Digital Transformation process with a real business sense and quantifiable economic results.


We invite you to learn more about TEAM and about Synapcor, and thus come to understand the unique combination of methodology/tool that will allow your organisation to achieve excellence in Action Management.

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