The Chief Executive Officer of an important distribution company with more than 300 POS was concerned that the strategy to promote certain family of products was not achieving the expected results.

During the analysis, several Improva consultants spent entire days accompanying area and sales point managers during their working hours analysing the added value and the nature of the activity of those job positions. The complexity of operations at the point of sale caused management to emphasize on those areas that because of their work history they were more familiar with, so each POS tended to stand out in certain products: dry product, butcher's shop, deli, customer service, purchasing, logistics at the point of sale ... but not in all. On the other hand, a management model based on monitoring and excessive power in decision-making, made management become bottlenecks.

Among many other things, a new organisational model was proposed with a smaller role for the area manager at the point of sale (in fact they were disappearing) and greater autonomy for the operational teams, which happened to have clear objectives and greater ability to make decisions and apply the reinforcements they considered necessary. On the other hand, support teams were created specialising in different sales aspects: service, products, organisation and POS logistics, giving support to the regional managements in those aspects where shortcomings were identified.

The area manager was no longer the bottleneck and there was a significant improvement in the workers' involvement and their commitment to results, thanks in great measure, to this organisational change.


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