A company worried about its internal operational problems decides to make an important investment in the implantation of a new ERP, since the current one -dated and patched up-, is criticised  by users who are aware of the lack of service. The organisation manages to maintain reasonable levels of customer service albeit a great personal effort. 

The potential customer asks Improva for help to ensure good communication between users and the development company and prevent some of the problems they had in the past with the implementation of its previous ERP: delays, excessive personalisation on costs ...After our meeting with the commercial, operations and the company system's management, we realise that despite the general perception, the implantation of ERP will only partially solve the problems. ERP will provide a good basis to have more sound processes, but it will not solve many of the organisational, training and management problems that are not being addressed because of the "technological excuse". If the company focuses all its efforts in ERP software, after a couple years into the change process they will discover that the progress achieved is much lower than expected and they will have to conduct a new project of change to address other underlying problems, meaning that the technology investment return will be deferred several years more than expected.

A detailed analysis will identify the actual direct impact from the technological implementation. Likewise, it will identify what work lines should run parallel to the new ERP project to guarantee economic returns after the implementation.


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