Case Study:

A large pharmaceutical laboratory, which mainly due to the increase of cost per unit produced, feared it would not be able to maintain its competitiveness in the sector for much longer. After many studies and reflections, they concluded that the management and organisation style along with their own culture was not allowing them to undertake the necessary changes, since it required full involvement and participation of the organisational chart at all levels.



A comprehensive analysis was carried out with the prospect of completely restructuring the organisation. To do so, each and every one of the internal processes of the organisation, staff functions and workflows were studied in detail. With all of the conclusions, the next step was to create a new model much more agile and efficient.



We undertook a real cultural and organisational revolution, bringing it closer to a fully Horizontal Organisation model. The workforce achieved a level of commitment and personal and professional satisfaction comparable to self-employment, promoting their development through a favourable organisational and cultural environment for initiatives and decision-making at all levels. Operational decision-making was appointed to those who were closest to the process, and the authority to exercise them was appointed based on knowledge rather than on hierarchy. From a traditional departmental organisation (Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, etc.) where all the components of its staff had the same specialty, it became an organisational process constituted by multidisciplinary teams.



  • Productivity was improved by 21%.
  • Service (OTIF) was increased by 85%.
  • Quality incidents were reduced by 56%.
  • Material wastage was reduced by 39%.
  • Accidents and the severity of accidents were also reduced. The annual budget of expenses was affected as well as the costs of materials and production.
  • Participation and involvement of staff qualitatively increased, as well as their tendency to work as a team. In addition, the commitment of management focused on contributing in value and not on routine tasks.


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