Case Study:

A company with a staff of 125 people that distributes oil products in tanker trucks, saw the need to reassess the set of operational processes to ensure the growth of its activity -to expand the areas of performance and customer base-, could be carried out in a structured and sustainable way without tensions.



An Analysis was conducted which identified a great potential for improvement in the set of processes ranging from the scheduling of daily activity to protocol control on operations and safety.



  • The route scheduling system was modified to optimise the allocation of trucks and drivers.
  • A punctuality monitor and GPS tracking system was implanted on trucks.
  • A new remuneration system was designed and implemented for the drivers based on standard times and tachograph readings.
  • A system of cost control was implanted to discover the occupancy of drivers, occupancy of trucks, the degree of filling of tanks, costs per kilometre (maintenance, depreciation, diesel, etc.) 



  • The average call time was reduced by 15%.
  • The costs per call was reduced by 25%.
  • The % of calls that were answered within 10 seconds improved by 10 percentage points.


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