Case Study:

A pharmaceutical Laboratory with production plants in Spain and more than 2,000 employees. The CEO saw the need to reduce general expenses and costs of the support processes without affecting or reducing service levels.



An Analysis was conducted which identified a great potential to reduce expenses and costs in all the support processes.



The search for internal improvements whilst respecting the current service levels.

  • Phone:

Definition of requirements and tender contracts maintaining overall assistance levels and service. Negotiation and new deals closed.

  • External warehouses:

Efficiency improvement of operators in the pallets area, improve operations in the area of picking, reassess housing expenses, search for alternative warehouses, negotiation and new deals closed.

  • Transport:

Usage of the maximum available load of trucks (full load) by increasing the weight per pallet. Improve the grouping process in break bulk load shipments and courier. Definition of requirements and tender prices. Negotiation and new deals closed.

  • Cleaning:

Improve control over presence, improve service audits. Definition of requirements, tender prices and negotiation and new deals closed.

  • Security:

Revision of security system, access control and entry control.

Revision of surveillance systems and equipment. Tender prices, negotiation and new deals closed.

  • Maintenance:

Increase efficiency of operators. Improve control over orders.

Improve control of  warehouses of components. Tender external services.

Negotiation of conditions in the purchase of components..



  • Reduction of mobile cost: 40%
  • Reduction of external warehouse costs: 35%
  • Reduction of transportation costs: 20%
  • Reduction of cleaning costs: 18%
  • Reduction of security costs: 20%
  • Reduction of maintenance costs: 22%

The total annual savings achieved was 2.1 million Euros.


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