Company: SERVICES SECTOR - Organisation of trade fairs.


Case study:

Public company dedicated to organising trade fairs and reputable international congresses. The Operations Director was concerned about the planning process of halls, which he considered could be improved and that generated a high number of incidents and some important and high deviations in budgeted costs.



An Analysis of the planning process was conducted, where a structure strongly oriented towards departments, a lack of a management system and proper planning was detected, generating significant cost overruns and a high number of incidents. Additionally, the cost structure was inflexible to change.



PHASE I: definition of the new planning process and implementation of a pilot hall: definition of the new organisational structure, process standardisation and definition of a new budget tool; definition and implementation of mechanisms for monitoring and management.

PHASE II: due to such positive results in the pilot hall, this process was extended to 7 additional halls.



  • Costs were reduced by €1.2 million, and 100% fulfilment of unit cost objectives in the implemented 8 halls.
  • Incidents were reduced by 90%.
  • Standardised and implemented process, organisation focused on halls, clearly defined responsibilities.


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