Case study:

An important rubber manufacturing company in continuous process. The CEO was concerned about the high volume of scrap, and its cost, generated by the manufacturing process in start-ups and reference changes, due to the increase in product portfolio, market requirements and the increase in the level of quality demanded.



When the manufacturing process analysis was conducted it was found that there was no standardised systematic start-up or operation of production lines. On the other hand, new quality standards were not transferred to the production process, thereby Quality ended up rejecting a high % of the final product.



  • The set-up and start-up process of production lines were reassessed and standardised, and the roles and responsibilities of factory personnel reorganised creating the figure of responsible of reference change.
  • The new standards were implemented and operating parameters of each of the machines in the production process were redefined.
  • New quality controls and a scrap monitoring model were implemented, training everyone involved.



  • Scrap was reduced by 58%, leading to a 35% increase in productivity.
  • Changing times for lines were standardised, obtaining an improvement in achieving scheduling.


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