Company: ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR - Waste treatment.


Case study:

A semi-public company dedicated to the treatment and incineration of industrial, special and hazardous waste. The CEO was concerned about the production facilities’ maintenance problems; in turn, they had increased deviations in the maintenance budget and inefficiencies had caused numerous stoppages at critical parts of the waste treatment plant.



An analysis of the maintenance process was conducted. We detected a high downtime of suppliers and subcontractors, overstock of spare parts, absence of scheduling of work and an inexistent operational analysis.



  • The maintenance process was modified, defining a scheduling of work and a productive maintenance plan.
  • A new management system that allowed total control over the process was developed, creating improvement groups.
  • A comprehensive maintenance contract was signed with a single supplier. 



  • Plant efficiency increased up to 90%.
  • The set of actions allowed an annualised reduction in maintenance costs of € 1 million, over a budget of € 4 million.


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