Case study:

A leading multinational company of the automotive industry specialised in Plastic injection. The CEO was interested in reducing product costs, with particular emphasis in the area of plastic injection.



An in-depth analysis in the area of injection detected that at the beginning of each productive series an excess of rejected material was generated which was directly imputed to process losses. This is because the amount of time to change the mould being used did not permit proper maintenance and cleaning, and the rush to mount the mould in the machine to meet scheduling caused mismatches with the injection.



  • The Single-minute Exchange or die tool(SMED) was implemented, and a production team was formed for optimum performance.
  • Adjustment procedures for machine moulds and workshop maintenance and cleaning of moulds were defined.
  • They set up a workshop between mould workshop and product engineering to improve the design of moulds, anda management system was designed and implemented to monitor the evolution of changes and adjustments.



  • The 4 hour changing time for moulds was reduced to 30 minutes.
  • Losses reduced by approximately 45% in products with increased demand, which resulted in a reduction of product cost between 5% and 10% (depending on the product).
  • The model was standardised throughout the injection area to improve machine availability.


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