Case study:

A Portuguese company dedicated to the manufacturing of Home Furniture. The CEO was convinced that the manufacturing area could increase productivity and this way cover the increased demand without requiring investments in productive assets.



The in-depth analysis of the manufacturing area detected a lack of development of those bottlenecks, a high level of incidents and stoppages in the production process and the existence of a deficient management model in terms of programming, production and productivity goals, quality, machine downtime, etc.



  • Bottlenecks were potentiated increasing their capacity, the manufacturing and procurement process was optimised, and the factory processes of planning and programming were redefined.
  • Production standards and assembly methods were reassessed, optimising workload at each workstation.
  • The management system was potentiated, with new indicators, follow-up meetings in the plant and corrective actions.
  • A continuous dynamic was implemented in the factory, involving production engineering, quality and maintenance.



  • A 25% decrease of machinery breakdowns, reaching in some machines 85%.
  • Productivity increased by approximately 40% with an impact in the reduction of costs of €400,000.
  • Internal No Quality was reduced by 35% and Customer claims by 20%, with an associated impact of € 85,000.


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