The alarm clock rings at 7:30 a.m. but I only start to move after awhile, I check out the weather and where the bow of countless sailboats anchored in the cove of the port are pointed towards, this tells me the wind direction and the best beach to go to during my lunch break.

Around 8:30 a.m. and after a nutritious breakfast while listening to the news, I turn on my computer and I am ready to start a new day of telework. There is a policy at Improva of maintaining  customer presence, especially when you are displaced 4 days a week, on the 5th you can choose between being in the office or telework. Mondays  I opt to stay in Menorca, where I live.

I check my email to see if the Project Director had a chance to review my presentation that I sent the other day and his feedback on it. Later I plan the day’s activities and prepare myself to tackle them in order of priority. I work on the presentation of the results achieved so far for the procurement project, which I will be presenting next CSS (Weekly Monitoring Committee), as there are some format aspects that I want to retouch. Afterwards, as part of a new method of certifying a supplier I prepare a questionnaire for assessing suppliers.

Except for a coffee break or answering a call, I will not stop working until after 12:30. This is when I will go over the questions and comments that have come to me and call the Project Manager to resolve any queries. He studied at the IESE like me and asked me to go together to a continuity programme session next Thursday in Barcelona, he is always very concerned about the team’s training. As soon as I finish the call, I take another look out the window, I decide whether north or south coast, and that’s where I’ll go for my noon swim. In winter I switch the beach for either canoeing to Rey’s Island or jogging along the promenade. For me, physical activity is not just a pleasure, in fact I can think of many good ideas while I practice sports.

At 2 p.m. I am back for a shower, lunch and 20 minutes of my holy and restorative “chubeck” (Mallorca-style siesta).

Around 3 p.m. I am back at it after a good strong American coffee that leaves me as awake and motivated as 8:30 a.m. Interspersed with phone calls to customer personnel, and short connections to the Internet, whether to write an email, book a flight or hotel, etc., the workday continues until I finish my plan for the day and I send the work to the Director . In the afternoon, I’m going to dedicate time to work the information I’ve found from the database of customer purchases, I have to prepare the assessment of results, critical in a project in which 30% of our fees are variables. Normally, I leave  activities that do not require customer presence for telework days: formatting reports, presentations, documenting the project or working with data.

By the way, I did not notice that it’s already 7:30 p.m.; time flies when you work with information. I stop to prepare my suitcase for my flight to Madrid the next day, and the rest of the day and night is to have fun, like dinner with my girl, but today we are strolling, some days I like to play paddle. At this time of day it is normal to feel a sense of pleasure, a result of satisfaction for having worked pleasantly at home and enjoying another day of my life ... advantages of teleworking.


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