It’s 7:00 a.m. when the alarm goes off. The morning is crisp and clear, the sun begins to peep from behind the mountains; this half hour running around the lake helps me to organise the day’s agenda and finish planning the projects we are about to start. Usually, I go back home to sleep, but today I preferred to stay here and take the opportunity  to have dinner with the displaced team and spend some quality time together, at night.

I return to the hotel, shower and have a hearty breakfast and at 8:30 I’m already at the customer’s factory. We have a coffee from the machine, those that taste terrible but wake you up, and what is more important, it’s the meeting point early in the morning to discuss the main activities that are planned for today. After checking emails and answering those that are urgent, we begin reviewing the project to improve the supply chain. We have set a target to reduce to a third the customer’s delivery times, which is essential to reduce the company’s working capital needs and undertake its international expansion plan without tension. I comment with the team of consultants the status of initiated actions, we solve doubts and the main problems that have arisen and plan how to address to the different levels of the plant’s organisational structure the implementation of the monitoring reports and operational meetings. We go over the project indicators and we corroborate that the results continue to be higher than initially proposed to the customer.

This gets my adrenaline pumping and really fills me with satisfaction, and it’s what I love about this job: to see that you have a team that you can rely on and that you can conquer anything.

It’s almost 10:00 a.m. when I finish this first meeting with the project team At 11:00 I set up a meeting with the Industrial Director to prepare the meeting that we will have next week with the company’s CEO. It is an important meeting where we will present the results we have achieved to date. Fortunately we are confident, as the results are positive. I have an hour to meet with the team of consultants that next week will start the project of production management. We have just concluded the final details of the project schedule, these days we are defining how the assessment system will be, and with all the company directors involved in the project we are re-examining and reaching a consensus on it.

The meeting with the Industrial Director has gone as scheduled. He is satisfied with the results and with all team members of the project, and he has conveyed it to the entire organisation.

Before lunch, I decide to take a tour of the commercial department to see firsthand the results achieved and progress in the various actions. I also like to hear the opinions and feelings of the greatest possible number of people about the work that is being done. How the commercial department feels over whether things are better in the market, is almost as important as the indicators and will be very valuable when presenting the results at the meeting with the CEO.

I usually have lunch with the project team around 1:30 pm. I like to enjoy these moments of relaxation, and to have a break from the daily activities. We have a consultant that is a genuine foodie enthusiast and he has discovered the best places in the area.

In the afternoon, I take the opportunity to have coffee with the Director of Planning; I usually talk to him every other day on the phone, but whenever I can I try to take out time to chat with him and discuss the evolution of the project and find out if there is any issue that concerns him and that we can help him with. After coffee I meet with the Industrial Director to personally discuss with him the opening meeting of the management of production project and finish closing the final details. This project will be a good challenge for the team. It ‘s more tactical than the planning project and with results in a shorter term; but if we achieve the results, the customer will have peace of mind that our fees for all the projects we are carrying out, are justified.
At 5:20 p.m.  I say bye to the project team. I will see them again in two days, at the weekly meeting of project monitoring that we periodically have with the customer. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting in Madrid and I decided to catch a flight tonight to be there first thing tomorrow morning. During the hour drive to the airport I discuss the day and prepare tomorrow’s meeting with the partner, return calls and schedule any pending meeting.

Once at the airport, I answer all my pending emails and update agenda. I go over documents that the project team have sent me. It dawns on me that it is already 7:30 p.m. so I go for a “snack-dinner”.  As I am a fan of cars, I take the opportunity to buy a couple of magazines. It will be good to disconnect on the plane and dream of my future car...

I arrive in Madrid at 9:20 p.m. and I head directly to the hotel. I still have time to turn on my laptop and talk with my family with my new webcam, before the children go to sleep. Tomorrow morning I will meet with one of the partners who is carrying out commercial activity and at noon I will return to Barcelona and take the opportunity to surprise my kids and pick them up from school. If I have any unfinished work I will finish it off from home at night.

To be honest, the last two days have been hectic but the diversity of actions has allowed me to organise my days per priority, there are no two days alike and the satisfaction in doing projects that really obtain results in customers fulfil me, I have always wanted my work to be useful.

I will work in the office the day after tomorrow, it’s Friday and we are used to concentrating the whole team, the days are more relaxed, the atmosphere is excellent and you meet people from other projects, there are always stories to tell.


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